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Where the Earth meets the Stars - Journey around to find multiple resources on how to ignite your souls passion, activate your higher consciousness and spark awakenings! Click Below to Schedule a Discovery call for more information on my services and offerings.

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Starlight Awakenings

NEW Starlight Offering!

Divine messages are revealed in this oracle and channeled activation session! I pick up on messages revealed by your highest self and then incorporate an activation that will calibrate your energy and help you up-level and heal! You will receive downloaded messages and healing all in one! This 20-minute video session is an amazing opportunity to allow in the healing and messages at an amazing price! Click the link below to purchase  

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Elevate Your Consciousness and Awaken Your Inner Light


At Starlight Awakenings, we provide a range of services to support you on your spiritual pathway. From guided meditations to powerful channeled energy healing sessions and spiritual coaching, I am here to help activate your highest potential, uncover aspects within yourself and to unlock your spiritual gifts and passion! Discover the services below to elevate your journey!

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​ Starlight Awakenings Session

Angelic Realms Session

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Discovery Call

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       Kristin Diamond Oaks

I am the owner of Starlight Awakenings formally known as Emerald Dragonfly. I am a Galactic Channel, Activator & Elemental Healer. I work with a Collective Light Council, made up of Galactic Races, Angels, Elementals, as well as many light beings that are helping to assist evolution and raise the frequency on planet earth.  

My awakening was sparked by being surrounded by darkness and chaos; my soul was calling out for change. Within one moment I knew my life would be forever changed, I made the decision to step forward in my soul led path and mission. I have endured numerous traumatic experiences, and it has led me to uncover the gems of my spiritual gifts and be able to transmute, heal and clear the dark within my fields. Overcoming these obstacles has led me to find my soul mission and passion.  My passion is to share my gifts by healing and activating the collective energy, my soul clients and sharing my voice. My soul mission is to help others overcome traumas and to spark awakenings, so you can uncover your passion and step fully into your soul mission! 

Constantly being able to overcome the challenges I have faced; I understand myself on a deeper level and I pass the knowledge on to my clients and help them overcome these obstacles at a much faster pace. I am so excited to be able to connect with you and help identify, illuminate and heal the traumas and energy patterns that are not aligned for your highest and best good. So that you can thrive in your heart-led passion, purpose and spark awakenings within and around you! As we all continue to up-level our vibration by healing ourselves, we are healing others and the planet. 

You were brought here for a higher reason, and I would love to be able to connect with you on a deeper level. Click the link below to schedule a discovery call and see how we can work together on igniting your soul on a deeper level!  

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